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366 Birthday Profiles
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Zodiac Sign Compatibility


Mar 21 - Apr 20

Apr 21 - May 21

May 22 - Jun 21
Aries with Aries
Aries with Taurus
Aries with Gemini
Aries with Cancer
Aries with Leo
Aries with Virgo
Aries with Libra
Aries with Scorpio
Aries with Sagittarius
Aries with Capricorn
Aries with Aquarius
Aries with Pisces
Taurus with Aries
Taurus with Taurus
Taurus with Gemini
Taurus with Cancer
Taurus with Leo
Taurus with Virgo
Taurus with Libra
Taurus with Scorpio
Taurus with Sagittarius
Taurus with Capricorn
Taurus with Aquarius
Taurus with Pisces

Gemini with Aries
Gemini with Taurus
Gemini with Gemini
Gemini with Cancer
Gemini with Leo
Gemini with Virgo
Gemini with Libra
Gemini with Scorpio
Gemini with Sagittarius
Gemini with Capricorn
Gemini with Aquarius
Gemini with Pisces

Jun 22 - Jul 22

Jul 23 - Aug 23

Aug 24 - Sep 23
Cancer with Aries
Cancer with Taurus
Cancer with Gemini
Cancer with Cancer
Cancer with Leo
Cancer with Virgo
Cancer with Libra
Cancer with Scorpio
Cancer with Sagittarius
Cancer with Capricorn
Cancer with Aquarius
Cancer with Pisces
Leo with Aries
Leo with Taurus
Leo with Gemini
Leo with Cancer
Leo with Leo
Leo with Virgo
Leo with Libra
Leo with Scorpio
Leo with Sagittarius
Leo with Capricorn
Leo with Aquarius
Leo with Pisces

Virgo with Aries
Virgo with Taurus
Virgo with Gemini
Virgo with Cancer
Virgo with Leo
Virgo with Virgo
Virgo with Libra
Virgo with Scorpio
Virgo with Sagittarius
Virgo with Capricorn
Virgo with Aquarius
Virgo with Pisces

Sep 24 - Oct 23

Oct 24 - Nov 22

Nov 23 - Dec 21
Libra with Aries
Libra with Taurus
Libra with Gemini
Libra with Cancer
Libra with Leo
Libra with Virgo
Libra with Libra
Libra with Scorpio
Libra with Sagittarius
Libra with Capricorn
Libra with Aquarius
Libra with Pisces
Scorpio with Aries
Scorpio with Taurus
Scorpio with Gemini
Scorpio with Cancer
Scorpio with Leo
Scorpio with Virgo
Scorpio with Libra
Scorpio with Scorpio
Scorpio with Sagittarius
Scorpio with Capricorn
Scorpio with Aquarius
Scorpio with Pisces

Sagittarius with Aries
Sagittarius with Taurus
Sagittarius with Gemini
Sagittarius with Cancer
Sagittarius with Leo
Sagittarius with Virgo
Sagittarius with Libra
Sagittarius with Scorpio
Sagittarius with Sagittarius
Sagittarius with Capricorn
Sagittarius with Aquarius
Sagittarius with Pisces

Dec 22 - Jan 20

Jan 21 - Feb 19

Feb 20 - Mar 20
Capricorn with Aries
Capricorn with Taurus
Capricorn with Gemini
Capricorn with Cancer
Capricorn with Leo
Capricorn with Virgo
Capricorn with Libra
Capricorn with Scorpio
Capricorn with Sagittarius
Capricorn with Capricorn
Capricorn with Aquarius
Capricorn with Pisces
Aquarius with Aries
Aquarius with Taurus
Aquarius with Gemini
Aquarius with Cancer
Aquarius with Leo
Aquarius with Virgo
Aquarius with Libra
Aquarius with Scorpio
Aquarius with Sagittarius
Aquarius with Capricorn
Aquarius with Aquarius
Aquarius with Pisces

Pisces with Aries
Pisces with Taurus
Pisces with Gemini
Pisces with Cancer
Pisces with Leo
Pisces with Virgo
Pisces with Libra
Pisces with Scorpio
Pisces with Sagittarius
Pisces with Capricorn
Pisces with Aquarius
Pisces with Pisces


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