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Zodiac signs: Health & Body Parts
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You can't get the planets out of your system. The Zodiac Signs affect the physical character as well as the spiritual, ruling your body from top to toe

Human beings are dependent on everything in this Earthly environment - air to breathe, food to eat, water to drink, fire for warmth and other people with whom to share things. Every person also is affected by the Sun, Moon, other planets and 12 Signs of the Zodiac. Our home planet Earth is part of the complete solar system and absolutely everything on this planet is interrelated to all the other spheres.

When a complete horoscope is cast, it is possible to discover in which of the various signs the Sun, Moon and planets were placed. When the hour of birth is known, the ascending sign which was rising over the eastern horizon can be ascertained. All these factors help to determine the strong and weak points in that person's constitution, as well as indicating the actual physical appearance which is "moulded" by the Signs of the Zodiac which were most prominent at the time of the person's birth.

Although your Sun Sign highlights the part of your body which corresponds with that particular Birth Sign, the relationship between the zodiac and the physical makeup may be much more obvious through the Sign of the Zodiac on the ascendant at the exact hour of birth - regardless of the date and place. For example, as shown in the section entitled Your Rising Star, it is possible for people who belong to any one of the 12 Sun Signs to be born at a particular hour when Pisces was rising over the eastern horizon - that is, when Pisces was on the ascendant. Pisces is related to the feet and people born when this sign is ascending are likely to have some weakness, discomfort or other problem associated with one or both feet.

With this principle in mind, click on the links below to see how each Sign of the Zodiac relates to your body.

Zodiac Signs & Body

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