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Palm Reading
Head Line

The head line begins at the side of the palm between the thumb and index finger, then runs across the palm above the life line, as shown in the diagram on left at No. 6 in the key diagram. What we are and what we do in life depends on our mind and the way we think, so the head line is a vitally important indicator.

In general, the length of the line measures a person's intelligence. If short and extending only halfway across the palm, it indicates limited mental capacity. Anything less than halfway is rare and must be considered a serious deficiency of mind. If the head line crosses right over to the other edge of the palm it is too long -- head definitely rules heart.

Carefully note the mental potential shown in the head line on the passive hand, then compare it with the one on the active hand to see if the person has changed, developed or retarded his inherited mental ability.

The head line and life line usually join where they begin between the thumb and index finger. It is only when the head line breaks away and becomes a separate line that the person cuts the mental apron strings; while the two lines are united he or she is strongly influenced by family background. Some people achieve self reliance and self determination early in life while others do so much later. You can discover when this mental independence will be found by calculating the age on the life line where the head line breaks away.

In some cases the head line begins above the life line and at no time are they joined together (see above). This is the hallmark of an independent person and the wider the gap which separates the two lines, the greater will be the desire for freedom, self reliance, individuality and independence.

The quality of the head line will reveal much about the state of the nervous system. A well-defined, clear, deep line indicates a strong, healthy condition but if the line is shallow, chained and broken or made up of little islands, the person is highly strung, restless, nervy and lacking in inner serenity. In this case, the fingernails may be brittle and fluted with little ridges instead of being strong and quite smooth.


This diagram shows the head line in its normal position but a branch line rises from it and goes up to the Mount of Jupiter under the index finger. This person is ambitious to achieve success, greatness or even fame in mental, artistic or material pursuits. This is a good indication that life generally will follow an upward course. The direction the head line follows across the palm is extremely important.


In this diagram the head line runs straight across toward the Mount of Mars. This is a sure indication of a practical thinker with the emphasis on facts, logic and commonsense. Unless the fingertips are pointed, there will be a lack of imagination, versatility and mental adaptability. Square tips will make the person even more factual.


In this diagram the head line slopes down toward the Mount of the Moon. This indicates a sensitive, impressionable, imaginative person who is not preoccupied with practical concerns.


This diagram shows the head line drooping too far down on to the Mount of the Moon where it is also broken by chains or islands. In this case there is too much imagination and the person constantly lives in a world of fantasy.


In this diagram the head line is forked, one part going towards the practical Mount of Mars, the other to the imaginative Mount of the Moon. This person can see the two sides of any situation and is adaptable, versatile and broadminded. The stronger, deeper or longer half of the fork will reveal whether the person is more practical or more imaginative.


If at some point in the head line you see that it veers off course, becomes shallow or chained or contains an island as in the diagram on left, you know that something had a marked effect on the mind for the duration of the particular change in the line.

There are literally dozens of possible variations in the shape, direction, ending point, branch lines and markings on the head line.
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