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Palm Reading
Fate line

As shown in the diagram on left, the fate line normally begins low down on the palm and ends on the Mount of Saturn under the middle finger. Because there are so many variations in this line, it is extremely important to remember that to be a true fate line it must aim for or end on the Mount of Saturn.

To correlate your age with this line, place the beginning of life at the base of the palm near the wrist and measure upward, as shown on left, so you can see during which years of your life you will have your fate line working for you.

These can be some of your most successful years (if you are willing to take advantage of them), as far as your achievements or career are concerned, because it is the line of perseverance dedication, productiveness, industriousness and effort. The fate line is your "ladder of achievement" and. since it takes hard work to climb this ladder, the years which are overshadowed by this line should not be ones where you simply sit back and take life as it comes.


The fate line usually begins somewhere near the points marked (a), (b), (c), (d) in the diagram on left. In the case of (a) it indicates that a parent, close relative or loved one will assist the person to achieve success. A fate line starting at (b) promises success largely through the person's own efforts and this success also begins early in life. The same applies for (c), except that it begins somewhat later. When the fate line rises at (d) on the Mount of the Moon, someone who is either of the opposite sex or who comes from a different country will be of great assistance and support in the person's career.


This diagram shows defects in the fate line caused by a chained appearance, cross bars, a break and an island will cause difficulties or obstructions in career and financial matters during the years in which they correspond with those markings.

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