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Sex with Capricorn

Capricorn is an earthy sign. Earthy Capricorns sexual nature is as powerful as his earthy aspirations. Capricorn lovers will remain aloof and would not like to make a first move until of course he or she is truly in love. Sexual intimacy and expression has to be developed over a period of time. They have a very serious and aloof attitude hence they miss out the fun in sex. After the passion wears off usually the relationship spells trouble however sexual relationship without any emotional involvement can be exciting.

Capricorn Woman

Sexy lady goats always appear more conservative and uptight than they actually are. Her demeanor says "come on I dare you to step up to me". Boy do most men have a surprise when they do. Female Capricorns sizzle under the sheets. They are just putting on a façade that only attracts the strong virile men! Lesser men are scared away!

Capricorn Man

Many females will overlook this guy and others will just be enticed by his social standing. The fact that he knows everyone, goes to all the right places and probably has money attracts wanna-bes! If you can just get this uptight guy to relax, he really is a great lover. Some Capricorns are so impressed with themselves though that it's difficult to share or give. They like to be on the receiving end of love making and could bore or tire out their lover.

Erogenous Zone: The Knees

Favorite Bedtime Fantasy: Sit on his lap

Classic Capricorn after-sex comment!
"Do you have a business card?"
Sex with

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