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2012 Horoscopes
Pisces 2012 Horoscope
Feb 20 - Mar 20

Pisces the water sign predicts a good and exciting year in 2012.This will be a year where you will see a lot of activity and face challenges as well. You will be prepared to take on anything as you have the drive and intellect to deal with all kind of situations.

Pisceans are sensitive and imaginative individuals. They are kind, compassionate and selfless people. They are sympathetic to others and are also intuitive. Although they are shy by nature all the above qualities attract other people towards them. However they are also idealistic and weak willed and easily influenced by others. You may be burdened with work at times which will be demanding. Do not get flustered by it and work with positivity.

Pisces in 2012

Pisces 2012 Career and Work Horoscope
Career and work this year will be good for you as you get lots of new opportunities. You will have the zeal and drive to turn those opportunities in your favour. You will be filled with positivity this year. Those willing to travel overseas will get opportunities with job offers or business ventures. However you may face hurdles at your work place which you need to tackle. You should not start any new business venture from the scrap this year as this is not the ideal time for it.

Pisces 2012 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope
Pisceans will have stable and smooth family life this year. Any upheavals that may arise will be minor. They will give all their love and compassion towards their close family. They would try to avoid any misunderstandings with their partners that may arise during the middle of the year. As you are sensitive towards other people you tend not to hurt others especially your loved ones by your deeds.

Avoid arguments and try to keep your anger in check when dealing with your rivals. Make peace with them if there has been any unpleasantness. This will work towards your benefit only. Those who are single should keep a look out and they may meet someone interesting which could develop into a relationship. Married people will be loyal and committed towards their partner and will enjoy a blissful relationship.

For those who are married they will have a good family life this year with all the members bonding together. Children will also bring joy to you. As you are friendly, good natured, compassionate and kind to others people are attracted to you and ask for your help when in trouble. You will help many people emotionally and are able to give sound advice to those in need.

Overall in matters of relationship and family you will find contentment and joy. The year will be enchanting and charming when you are in the company of your loved ones. All your relationships will blossom due to the love that you give and this will go to form a steady long term bond. As you build your relationships beautifully this year, coming years will be even better for you.

Pisces 2012 Finance and Money Horoscope
You will have financial gains especially during beginning of the year. This will help you clear your dues. Unforeseen expenditure can be taken care of from your savings. Do not invest in risky ventures and choose only safe options to invest and save. End of the year will not be as profitable for you as the first six months.

Pisces 2012 Health Horoscope
On the health front you will face good time and not so good one as well. Beginning of the year health remains good for you. However second half of the year you may encounter health issues. They may be in the form of viral infection, stomach disorder or aches and pains. You need to go in for regular exercises as this will benefit you. Do not overwork or have a hectic life and avoid stress. Someone from your family or friends may also face health issues. You need to support them as well.

2012 Horoscopes
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