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How your zodiac reacts to an unfaithful partner

So your spouse or lover has been acting strange lately? Keeping the the cellphone out of view, blocking access to emails, working late and smelling kind of different? These could well be signs that he or she is cheating on you. How would you react? Your zodiac reflects how you are likely to take it. Read on...

Though signs such as Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo are the most jealous, they are also the most reluctant to show their vulnerabilities. In fact, the signs most likely to demand an explanation are Aries and Sagittarius. They will insist on getting to the bottom of it, using agression if necessary to find out the truth.

Scorpio and Taurus will tend to live with their suspicions for a while, just to be sure. But once the betrayal is established, that's the end. They may be slow to come to a decision, but once they've made up their minds, it will be for keeps.

Cancer and Pisces are very sensitive and will tend to look the other way hoping it will go away. The pain of rejection is more than they can handle.

Libra is concerned about what family and friends will say and may delay facing up to the truth. Leo has the same concerns, but once they decide to bring it into the open, they will go the whole hog.

The ever practical Capricorn will be more irritated than hurt about their partner creating a public disgrace. They are likely to have it out in private and then to sweep it under the carpet and carry on with the day's work. But the information will remain filed away!

Aquarius and Gemini will tend to be a bit easy going about this. Aquarians are not possessive by nature and may accept their partner’s fling as a part of life. Gemini is known to have several potential lovers at any given time, and will probably move on quickly.

Virgo has a keen sense of observation and probably knows about the unfaithfulness but is fearful of the mess that will follow. They will wait the longest before demanding the truth.


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